We are a B2B clinical informatics company that uses expressive arts
therapy and augmented reality to boost the operating efficiency of hospitals.

Ben Alemu

Ben brings proven senior management experience at the intersection of business development, academic research, technology entrepreneurship and nonprofit management. He leads a notable national nonprofit as Chief Operating Officer: SENDforC Inc. -- an organization he has built since 2014 from humble beginnings into a social movement. Over 100 personnel across numerous states report to him. He has worked in 7 laboratories across UC San Diego and Harvard University. He has extensive experience developing companies, leading award-winning projects and forming community-based partnerships.

Harsh Sikka

Harsh brings a substantial technology and proven product development background to the team. He has completed training in Cognitive Science, Computational Biology and Computer Science. Professionally, Harsh has worked as a Product Manager, leading a HIPAA compliant Doctor-Patient communication and EHR application to market both domestically and internationally. He also served on the founding team on Benkyo Reading which is used in San Francisco schools and created the ModelDepot platform for accessible machine learning. He is a member of the Harvard Innovation Lab, the software engineering immersive of Hack Reactor, a contributor to the Huffington Post and has worked with the MIT Media Lab to launch the Progress digital publication.

What we do

We build scaleable, therapeutic expressive arts experiences using Augmented Reality, with the goal of improving patient outcomes and boost operating efficiency.

Custom AR Experiences

Custom, mapped AR experiences from the ground up

Patient Focused

Provide patients with enriching, expressive arts and social experiences,

Patient Analytics

Understand and quantify patient behaviors to optimize care and safety.

Encrypted Data

All patient data is stored at a HIPAA-compliant standard.

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